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BT Sampling Instructions

Checkfluid BT Series Sampling Instructions

Non Pressurized Sampling Instructions



Tools Required:
○ Vacuum Pump (VAC)
○ Sampling Probe (SBF4)
○ 16 oz. Purge Bottle (L-16) or 4 oz (LC)
○ Length of 1/4” OD Tubing (SER4)
◦ Sample Bottle (LC)

1) Attach a length of new disposable tubing and insert onto
barb of the probe. Place the other end into the vacuum
pump about 1/2” into the bottle. Tighten the knurled nut.

2) Thread the purge bottle onto the vacuum pump.




1) Remove the metal cap on the B/BT valve and ensure the
valve face is clean.
2) Thread the probe onto the sampling valve.



1) Pull the handle back several strokes to draw 0.4 oz/12ml of
fluid into the purge bottle for sampling tubes up to 24”/610mm.
Call for recommended purge volumes on remote hose
installations and tube lengths longer than 24”.
2) Unthread the probe only two threads to stop the flow.
3) Remove the purge bottle from the vacuum pump.
4) Replace with a new, clean sample bottle.



1A) Rethread the probe onto the valve and draw 3 oz/90ml of
fluid to the fill mark.
2) Unthread the probe two turns to stop the flow and suction
the line clear of fluid or loosen the bottle.
3) Remove the bottle in a zip bag or in an area free from



1A) Unthread the probe completely and recap the sampling valve.
2) Dispose of the plastic tubing and purge oil responsibly.
An extra zip bag can hold tubing and purge oil bottle.



●Complete the paperwork and send the bottle as soon as
possible to the lab to reduce the risk if action is required.


Video: How to Sample Using a BT Series