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At a Distance (Nylon Tubing - Gearboxes)
At a Distance (Nylon Tubing - Gearboxes)

Sampling Pressure: Valve dependent
Stainless steel: 1/4" 4000 psi
Nylon tubing: 1/4" - 3/8" 150 psi


Stainless Tube - 65 F to 300 F
Nylon Tubing - 65 F to 225 F

  • Sample safely and accurately while the equipment is running
  • Minimize purge volume
  • Corrosion resistant assembly with stainless valve and sampling tube and port adapter
  • Easy to install: rugged, lightweight, compact, and field installable
  • Choice of stainless steel (TR) or UV resistant nylon lines (TN)
  • Bushing Pipe Adapters (Steel/Stainless)
  • Requires SLF4 probe SER4 tubing and a vacuum pump(VAC-FS)
Remote Access Sample Kit