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AC Mount
AC Mount

- Advantages/Features: Combine level checking, cleaning and fluid sampling

- Install the AC Series at a mid-level or drain port on compact gearboxes or reservoirs to combine checking the level and sampling functions

- The LT stainless sampling tube can be bent to extend down into the fluid

- For smaller sumps the L valve with a top up pump can also be used to replace the fluid sampled

- Fully adjustable to insure vertical positioning of level gauges after installation, cleaning or horizontal positioning for bullseye levels after air bleeding

- Use to mount small desiccant breathers in compact multi-positional gearboxes


Sampling range 0 - 125 psi (0 - 0.86 MPa)

The AC comes with a 3/16" OD sampling tube


Please refer to LT Sampling Tube on the Detailed Specifications Chart 


Level Options:

Acrylic Level Gauge

- Acrylic vertical levels provide 360° view

- Available in 3”, 6”, 9” and 12” length


Brass/Glass Level Gauge [Pictured]

- Glass level provides 120° viewing

- Available in 3”, 6”, 9” and 12” lengths


Please see product page for detailed specifications


Bullseye Level

- Application specific

- Check with Checkfluid


Please see product page for detailed specifications


Bottom Sediment and Sight Glass

- Visually inspect and monitor rate of accumulation of water in the oil sight glass

- Sediment Drainage: a sloped floor for better evacuation and resetting of the oil sight glass


Please see product page for detailed specifications

Product Support PDFS

AC Sampling Instructions (PDF)

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