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Asset Idling Action Plan

Preliminary Idling or Mothballing Industrial Assets Action Steps:

For a more in-depth explanation of how to idle lubricated equipment, check out our article here


The Action Steps:

1) Develop an idling procedure; this should include safety procedures by equipment type

2) Get an equipment list from your CMMS

3) Create idling tags, color-coded or barcoded with the current oil from the equipment list - here is a template you can use

4) Consider using UV dye on your equipment to identify potential leak points - you can learn about the procedure here

5) Drain a portion of the sump into a clean container and stop when the flow of fluid is free of water and highly viscous sediment


- Use a bottom sentiment and water sight with a drain valve

- For drains equipped with Checkfluid’s AD Drain Mount, you can use clear PVC drain hose and female quick coupling to drain your sump

6) Use a clean low rise oil drain pan to recognize any visible wear debris

7) Measure the drain fluid and top up the sump with the correct fluid in the correct quantity


- Use a top a pump [PUMP-02] for smaller quantities up to 4 L

- For larger quantities use a dedicated oil transfer container up to 10 L

- Avoid funnels

8) Use a dedicated filter cart and CORE Solution [Checkfluid’s AD, AB Mounts] to filter the machine

9) Replace the desiccant breather with an L16N to vacuum seal the sump [light vacuum -2 psi using a LF-GVAC]

10) Place the desiccant breather in a sealed zip bag taped next to the vent port or replace the desiccant breather; adjusted the valves at the bottom of the breather with a minimum number of open ports to extend breather life

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