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FAQ - Sampling Valves

Sampling Valve FAQ


Q: Can you install a KP Pushbutton on a non-pressurized system, such as a gearbox drain port?

A: No, you cannot install a KP or LP Pusbbutton onto a non-pressurized system. The KP Pushbutton requires a pressure of at least 5 psi (0.03 MPa) minimum and the LP Pushbutton requires a pressure of at least 3 psi (0.02 MPa) minimum in order for you to be able to sample from the valve.


To sample from a gearbox we recommend using the LT or LTJ Sampling Tube. If the gearbox has a circulating lube line with at least 3 psi (0.02 MPa) you may install the LP Pushbutton onto that line.


Q: What are the differences between the KP Pushbutton and the LP Pushbutton valves?

A: The LP Pushbutton is a high-flow pushbutton designed for lower pressure systems with a minimum pressure of 3 psi (0.02 Mpa) to a maximum pressure of 125 psi (0.86 MPa). It is a great solution for sampling circulating lubrication lines on gearboxes.


The KP Pushbutton is our recommended sampling valve for pressurized systems from 5 - 750 psi (0.03 - 5.17 MPa).


Q: What is the function of a locknut?

A: A locknut is recommended on high vibration equipment, machinery or fleets. When it is completely engaged, the locknut stablizes the movement of the button. 


The locknut allows the button to be jogged. This feature reduces foaming when sampling ammonia, gas or refrigerant compressors. 


Q: Why is it recommended to use a KST Series over a B Series sampling valve?

A: The KST's provides positive o-ring sealing with or without a cap. 


Q: What are the sampling accessories needed to extract a sample?

A: The accessories needed to pull a sampling will depend on the sampling valve:

- All non-pushbutton style valves require the use of a probe specific to that valve series and/or replaceable plastic tubing (KST, B, L, LE)
- All non/low-pressure systems require the use of a vacuum pump in addition to the probe and replaceable plastic tubing (L, LE)


Q: For pressurized systems, where is the best sample location?

A: The best sampling location will depend on the equipment and system being sampled. You want to get the most representative sample for your machine from a safe and convenient location. Representative samples are best drawn before filters. For more information email, or you can call 1-519-652-6373



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