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Sampling Tubes


Q: Why is it recommended to use a valve with a tube over a valve without a tube?

A: On non/low-pressure environments a sampling tube can be used to reach the active, data-rich oil. The extended tube will help avoid the inaccuracies of sampling stagnant, non-representative oil that collects near the sides or the bottom of the equipment. This is why we recommended the LT or LTJ Sampling Tube to customers looking to sample their gearboxes or reservoirs.


Q: Where would you position the tube to get the best samples?

A: To position the tube to get the best oil sample you will need to determine the turbulent zone when the lubrication is most active. You will want to position the end of the tube within a short distance (2'/50mm) away from moving parts.
- At mid-level gearbox port, the tube can be sent straight or bent upward or bent downward depending on the oil level
- At a breather port, the tube can be bent down and away from the gearing
- At a side mounted drain port, bend the tube upward to reach the active zone
- At a bottom mounted drain port. Send the tube straight in
- At a top reservoir port, bend the tube into the oil zone where the oil returns to the tank


Q: What are the standard tube lengths?

A: The standard tube lengths are 3", 6", 12", 18", 24" and 36". Other lengths are available with custom charge. If you don't see the tube length you need on our website please email, or you can call 1-519-652-6373.


Q: Why would you choose a different tube diameter?

A: A larger diameter (5/16 OD") tube enables thicker, colder oil (>460 VG) to flow faster for quicker sampling. A smaller diameter tube (3/16" OD) is necessary when installing in smaller ports such as 1/8"NPT or M10x1. It is also needed for visual acrylic gauges in smaller ports.


Q: Why would it be recommended to use an LT/LTJ over a BT Sampling Tube?

A: The LT or LTJ Sampling Tube is designed especially for use with non/low-pressure systems often with higher viscosity oils. Both the LT/LTJ sampling tubes are made with the higher flow L valve and it has been shown in tests to sample 7x faster than the BT Sampling tube.


Q: When would you recommend an LTJ over a LT Sampling Tube?

A: The LTJ uses a common flare port adapter, this allows companies with a wide variety of equipment to easily add a sample tube. It also provides a swivel function, if needed, to bend the tube and reach the mot active oil. The LT works best with fixed pipe (1/4" NPT or BSPT) threads and adapters. For more details email, or you can call 1-519-652-6373.


Q: What is the function of the swivel on a sampling tube?

A: The swivel helps install a tube that is bent up or down to reach the active turbulent oil zone. The swivel keeps the bent tube in a fixed position while tightening the threads. Otherwise, the tube will rotate when tightened.


Q: What are the sampling accessories needed to extract a sample?

A: All sampling tubes require the use of a vacuum pump, probe, and plastic tubing in order to draw a sample.


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