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Installing Swivel Tubes (LT/BT)

The Swivel option is available on both the LT and BT sampling valves designated by the "S" in the part number. Swivel adapters are used in gearboxes or where equipment clearances do not allow for the tube to rotate as the valve is being installed. Swivel adapters allow custom bent tube to remain stationary while the valve is being threaded into the sampling port.


How to Install a LT or BT Sampling Tube Using a Swivel Adapter


1.  Ensure the equipment is rated at low pressure, less than 125 psi (860 kPa) but dependant on the probe pressure specification.

2.  Determine the best and safest location for the tube. The tube should be positioned near the active oil zone, but away from any gears and interior surfaces.

3.  Use a tape measure to determine the required tube length including any bends.

4.  Bend tubes (If Applicable):

4.1 Assemble all the mounting adapters to the valve.

4.2 Put a mark on the valve hex and the sampling port to ensure when the marks are aligned that the tube end is in the desired location. (For bent tube installation only)

4.3 Bend the tube to the desired angle relative to the mark on the hex using a tube bender (if necessary).

4.4 Clamp the tube end in a table vice and cut the tube to size (Do not clamp on the valve hex, clamp on the portion of the tube that is to be discarded to avoid damage to the usable tube.)

4.4 Deburr and clean the cut tube end to remove any debris.

5.  Install:

5.1 Insert tube into the sample port and tighten the swivel adapter into the sampling port.

5.2 Aligning the mark on the hex with the mark on the sampling port.

5.3 Tighten the swivel adapter to the sampling valve.


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