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KST Series (Pressurized)
KST Series (Pressurized)

Sampling pressure: 5-4000 psi* (0.03 - 27.6 MPa)

Working pressure: 6000 psi (41.4 MPa)
Burst Pressure: 24000 psi (165.5 MPa)
Seal Material: Nitrile (Buna N), Viton (FKM), Neoprene (CR)
Valve Material: 
Carbon steel/Brass/Stainless Steel 316
Valve Plating: Zinc Nickel


*Note: pressures greater than 750 psi are probe dependent


Detailed Specifications Chart

  • Reliable: Valve tested to 7800 psi (538 bar) for 1 million cycles
  • Patented elastomeric valve seals vacuum tight
  • Popular mobile standard 2mm probe, compatible with SOS, Probalizer, and Quick Draw valves
  • Offers a wide variety of disposable & reusable probes
  • Dynamic sampling up to 4000 psi (276 bar) (probe dependent)
  • Very low purge volume
  • Higher flow for low pressure applications
  • Environmentally friendly plating

KST Probe Style & KPB4 with zip bag (YouTube)
KST Probe Style & SVP with zip bag (YouTube)
KST Probe Style & VHKF with zip bag (YouTube)
KST Probe Style & KPB4 (YouTube)
KST Probe Style & SVP (YouTube)
KST Probe Style & VHKF (YouTube)

Product Support PDF

KST Product Sheet

Sampling Instructions: KST Series Probe Style


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