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L Series Sampling Instructions

Checkfluid L Series Sampling Instructions


Sample Preparation


1. Run equipment for approximately 30 minutes to warm the oil normal operating temperature.


2. Exercise extreme caution in the vicinity of operating equipment. Use gloves and eye protection.
Skin contact or inhalation can cause irritations.


3. Record all data and identification on forms
and attach any labels to the bottles.


4. Pull the tubing out of the bag, keeping the zip seal partially closed, and cut a piece of tubing of adaquate length. Remaining tubing should remain coiled in the bag for next use.


Standard Sample Method


5. Insert tube ends into the probe barb and insert it through the vac and into the bottle. Tighten the knob snug to hold and seal the tubing.




6. Thread the probe onto valve.
Pull back on the handle to draw the purge sample.




7. Unthread the probe 2 turns to close the valve and stop the vacuum. Remove the purge bottle and thread on the sample bottle. Repeat steps 6 & 7 to draw the oil sample.


Sample Completion



8. Dispose of the plastic tubing, bags and
purge oil responsibly.



9. Send the oil sample as soon as possible to the
appropriate lab for analysis.

Sealed Sample Method


1. To avoid air bourne contamination, remove cap inside a sealed zip bag and stretch the plastic taut over the bottle opening.


2. Thread the bottle onto the vacuum pump and pierce the zip bag with the tubing.


3. After sampling, replace the cap inside the zip bag and proceed with steps 8 & 9.




Video: How to Sample Using a L Series Valve